Developing the perfect custom surface solution

A Simple Creative Process

CDigital Imaging is here to push visual boundaries and expand your creative possibilities with partial or total design development. From hue and scale adjustments of existing patterns, or unique design creations, CDigital Imaging brings your most innovative surfacing ideas to life.

1. Define Your Space

With our creative team, we can transform your inspirations and ideas into stunning surface creations.

2. Create Your Design

Create, source or select an image*. Where appropriate we’ll use your image in its original form, or as the basis for a solution. Inspired, but lack specific imagery?
That's not a problem. Our team can develop your original designs.

3. Execute the Concept

Working together, we’ll fine tune the chosen design.

4. Choose Your Substrate

It's the final touch that results in an installation that reflects your vision perfectly. CDigital Imaging surface options:

  • Vinyls
  • Window Films
  • Reflective Surfaces
  • Grass Cloths
  • Wood Veneers

Plus, any texture from our Colour & Design library


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CDigital Imaging will reproduce only verified original artwork or artwork in which an assignment or limited license is provided by the license holder. In either case, explicit written permission must be granted to CDigital Imaging before reproduction. All designs shown are the sole intellectual property of CDigital Imaging and Colour & Design, Inc. with all rights reserved. Permission to reproduce any designs depicted within this collection must be obtained in writing from Colour & Design, Inc.